We like to keep pricing simple for everyone so we have a single once-off charge for your own server. It's that simple. We don't charge a percentage of your product sale value for each activation activation, we don't have hidden fees, we don't have mysterious opaque pricing.

The table below contains the various product solutions. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements.

Solution Type Price (AUD) Description
Trial Free
  • A free trial for you to do a full product integration and test out the solution.
  • Trial accounts are not time limited, but you can only have 3 installed clients.
Self-Hosted VM $16,900
  • With this option you purchase your very own copy of the OffByZero Cobalt server. You can manage and host the solution in your own data centre.
  • Self-hosted accounts have no limits on installed clients (or anything else) and give your organization ownership of the server.
  • Email support included.
  • Configured for automatic security updates.
  • Delivered as a Virtual Machine (VM) image that you can install on your VM infrastructure to give you easy maintenance and administrator.
Self-Hosted VM & Source Licence $44,300
  • Same as Self-Hosted VM solution above, plus below additions.
  • Source code licence gives you complete control and allows you to make any changes to Cobalt.
Self-Hosted Physical Server & Source Licence $49,500
  • Same as Self-Hosted VM & Source Licence solution above, plus below additions.
  • Delivered as a physical rack mount server, preinstalled and configured with Cobalt.
Extra Support $2,100/year
  • All the above solutions come with free email support included, however if you need extra support with SLAs, then you can get it.
  • SLA for email support.
  • SLA for remote support.
  • Voice support (GMT+10 10am-4pm M-F).